frequently asked questions

Q.What is Shodogg™?

A.Shodogg is a patent-pending technology that allows its users to access streaming video content on any smartphone and send it to another web-enabled device or screen, such as a computer or smart TV.

Q.What are Shodogg's primary benefits to its users?

A.Let's start with three. Your smartphone becomes a remote control, making it easy to access and view your favorite video content on multiple, larger screens, with such basic controls such as play, pause and fast forward. Second, Shodogg's technology allows a user to watch streaming videos simultaneously with other users: you can watch videos with a friend across town and another across the country. There are many other benefits but one favorite is that users can create video playlists to share with friends on their favorite social networks. This is all done by using your smartphone as a remote control device.

Q.What else differentiates Shodogg from other services?

A.A lot! Our users don't need wires or boxes, making us completely portable. We're also platform agnostic, meaning our technology works with Android and IOS smartphones and a variety of web-enabled devices.

Q.Are there other differentiators from other streaming video services?

A.Shodogg's Device Manager allows a user to wirelessly connect other web-enabled screens, whether they're your own or your friends. This thus allows you to not only toss video content to another screen of your own, it also allows you to toss content to your friends' devices and vice versa, enabling you and your friends to simultaneously view and control the content for a shared experience.

Q.How are playlists used?

A.Shodogg's technology allows its users to create video playlists to view later or to share with friends. For instance, you may wish to create and share a playlist of upcoming movie trailers of films that you’re interested in seeing. You can share it across Shodogg or on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Q.How do I access Shodogg?

A.You first need to download our free app for iOS phones via the iPhone App Store and for Android phones via Google Play and the Amazon App Store. With your smartphone connected to an active Wi-Fi network, you then simply sync your phone to a second Wi-Fi connected device such as a computer or smart TV.

Q.What kinds of streaming video content can I access via Shodogg?

A.Since we've just launched our service, you'll initially be able to access content from such video aggregators as YouTube and Vimeo. We are in discussions with many video content rights' holders to offer access to a broad range of compelling content.

Q.What is the Dogg-Ear™?

A.The Dogg-Ear™ allows you to control all of your videos from your smartphone! Shodogg's Dogg-Ear overlay allows users to play and pause videos, create and share playlists and easily sync their smartphone with another web-enabled screen.

Basic controls such as play, pause and fast forward are customizable to work with any type of app or specific media player.

With the Dogg-Ear's Device Manager, it only takes seconds to sync up any smartphone to any web-enabled screen. Simply enter the self-generated eight-digit code, name the device and you're done! Your device is now Shodogg-enabled!

Q.I'm not sure how to sync a device to my smartphone.

A.Not a problem! You can view our step-by-step video tutorial.

Q.What does Fetch. Toss. Share.™ mean?

A.Shodogg's "Fetch. Toss. Share." system allows users to easily move content between their devices, enabling them to watch streaming videos wherever and whenever they want!

When users Fetch videos from the internet into the Dogg-Ear™, they can then Toss and Share it, while leaving the content owners in control. When users Toss (direct) a stream to play on their desired screen, content files stay secure on the original source server. When users Share favorites, Shodogg respects intended ads and branding, and offers customized branded experiences to the second screen.

With Shodogg, you can easily move video between any of your web-enabled devices. You can easily toss videos from your smartphone to a computer or smart TV. Plus, you can continue your video on any web-enabled device right where you left off!

Fetch videos from the internet into the Dogg-Ear™.
Toss videos from your phone to a web-enabled computer or smart TV.
Share your video playlists with friends via email, Facebook and Twitter.

Q.When will Shodogg be available internationally?

A.We are presently focused on establishing the U.S. and Australian markets and will enter others as soon as we can. We can't yet provide a timetable but rest assured we'll let our users know when we're ready to add a new market.

Q.What about Privacy?

A.We have a comprehensive privacy policy.

Q.What if I have other questions?

A.We're always looking to enhance our users' experience! If we missed a specific topic or you weren't able to get your answer by viewing our video tutorial, please check out our Feedback page.