The mobility and data sales and marketing teams need

Access the content you need across all devices.
Simply connect and present to any screen and get
automated analytics to drive content management
and sales results.

Save time. Connect faster. Sell more

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Next Generation Content Mobility Platform

Shodogg simplifies and mobilizes the way marketing and sales teams access,
display and analyze content for enhanced customer engagement.

Today's sales process is broken


Valuable feedback is being lost as content transfers between groups,

limiting sales results and weakening content management.

Shodogg Creates Real-Time Synergy


Valuable feedback is captured within a real-time communication loop with

automated analytics, optimizing sales results and content management.


Two Ways to connect with Shodogg

Shodogg Connect

Get started for free today

Perfect for small and medium sized teams that want to get content across every device and deliver presentations without any hassles.

  • Access Any Content -

    Upload your content from anywhere to the Shodogg Connect Portal

  • Access On the Fly -

    Link to Dropbox and YouTube

  • Team Management -

    Instantly share content across teams

  • Save Time -

    Remote meetings start instantly with fast connections

  • Valuable Insights -

    Access relevant analytics about every presentation

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Shodogg Connect Custom

Custom Solutions for Enterprises

Create a custom or white labled mobility platform to unite your sales, marketing and IT teams

  • Integrations -

    Salesforce, Company server or CRM

  • Packaged Analytics -

    Automated insights before, during and after sales meetings

  • Team Accounts -

    Advanced team settings, rules & permissions

  • Custom UI -

    Branding or white labeling

  • Enhanced features -

    Audience feedback, unlimited connections and more

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