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Our Content Mobility Platform enables media partners to optimize content across every device, giving consumers the media experience they crave in today's mobile-first world.


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Seamless Features + Unparalleled Data

Our feature set simplifies the way consumers access, view and share content across every device they own, while gathering unparalleled user behavior data for media partner use. 

Solutions Built on the Shodogg Platform

Shodogg Connect Presentations for the Mobile World


Shodogg Connect | Presentations for a Mobile World 

Control presentations from your smartphone or tablet to any other connected screen in the world. No wires. No software downloads. No hassles. 

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HP Sales Now | Powering HP's Global Sales Team 

"HP Sales Now provides our sales team with access to updated content instantly and Shodogg's technology allows them to share that content with clients in a seamless, secure manner that functions anywhere in the world."

- Michael Lachtanski, Senior Director, Global Employee Communications, HP


Hewlett Packard Enterprise logo | HPE used Shodogg's platform to build the HP Sales Now app for their global sales team

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